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Fordham Investment Services

Our regulated services are offered through our sister company Fordham Investment services. We offer advice on a wide range of topics:
  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Insurances
  • Commercial finance
If any of these are relevant for you we will issue a separate letter of engagement explaining our services and how we undertake regulated advice. 

Fordham Investment Services (FIS) is an Appointed Representative of New Leaf Distribution Ltd. who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Number 460421. Head Office First Floor Princess Caroline House 1 High Street Southend on Sea Essex SS1 1JE. Co registration Number 5520001


Individual Savings Account (ISA)

The Individual Savings Account allows you to flexibility store away money in a tax free setting. You'll come across these from your bank, usually in the form of cash ISAs

Through our advisory service we help create and maintain a portfolio within various forms of ISAs that are arranged to suit your needs.


+ Growth/income is tax-free

+ Government bonus available on some types of ISAs 

+ Flexible input/withdrawal depending on type of ISA

- £20k PA limit 

- No tax relief on input unlike some other options

- Not available in joint names


A long term investment intended to provide for your retirement. Together we plan your anticipated need and devise a plan to make sure this is goal is met.

+ Tax efficient. When making a personal contribution may receive tax relief on your input. If you operate through a limited company this can pay into a pension for you and claim this as an allowable expense, reducing your Corporation Tax bill.  All growth and income within the pension fund is tax-free.
+ Useful in estate planning for handing wealth on to the next generation in an efficient manner.
+Flexible withdrawals after 55 following on from 2015's pension freedom reforms. More options are available than just buying an annuity. 

- Locked until 55 in nearly all cases aside from ill-health. A pension should not be considered if you are under 55 and likely to need the money in the near future.
- Most other services will tell you they are complicated, but this doesn't neccessarily need to be the case! Our service simplifies the processes and lets you know with perfect clairty where you are, and outline where you might be heading with our extensive retirement planning services.

Specialist Schemes

For more adventurous investors we can advise on a range of specialist schemes that often yield attractive tax benefits, such as Enterprise Investment scheme. During our initial consultation we will help you determine whether one of these could be right for you. 

+ Attractive potential returns with portfolios aiming for 2 - 3x return within 5 years.
+ Attractive tax reliefs against both income and capital gains taxes, for example EIS offers 30% tax relief on the investment. 

- High risk. You must have a high capacity for loss when considering these schemes and understand the potential downside.
- Often poor Access. These investments tend to be difficult to cash out of early. Typically a 5 year minimum period applies to most.
- High barriers to entry with many schemes expecting at least £10,000.

High Net worth estate planning

With the continued increase in house prices, more and more families are finding themselves within reach of the inheritance tax bracket. To many this is often a shock. We can assist you and your family by planning in advance to minimise inheritance tax payable by use of gifts and a wide range of trusts.


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